Sunday, September 25, 2011


This summer we ventured out to BC to visit my parents place in Chilliwack. They are not there that often due to dads monthly work rotation in and out of Russia and mom setting up base closer to him in the UK. This August though we decided to try to meet up in Chilliwack, Estelle and her kids also made the long trek up. On our first full day there we went for a really nice hike to Bridal falls.


The hike is pretty short but you are in the beautiful BC forest. It was raining that day, though since the trees were so big and dense you didn't really get wet, and so the slugs were out. My mom has a brother that had made BC his home long ago while everyone else stayed in Calgary. One of the few memories I have of a visit to BC while I was a kid was of enormous slugs. The kids had a great time collecting every slug they could see and gathering them on their lovely slug home on a stump. I am certain all the slugs were ecstatic to see one another.


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